What our Community Says

Feedback Loop Feedback Loop

We have introduced a feedback loop that will put your comments and perspective into an actionable strategy for the Community Foundation—one that fosters strong, positive relationships with our nonprofit community. Your feedback helps improve our work and processes to serve you better. It allows us to be more responsive to the needs and opportunities that matter most to you. 

Thank you to the 40 organizations who responded to the nonprofit survey we sent out in spring 2022! Here is what we heard:

We share this summary of our recent survey in the spirit of transparency but also in the spirit of commitment and partnership. We appreciate the positive feedback we have obtained and are eager to improve in areas where we can.

This is only the beginning! We want to continue to hear from you!

We will continue to gather open, honest feedback from organizations like yours that will help us meet your needs and improve our operations. We will also continue to communicate the results of that feedback to our nonprofit community.

Click here to submit feedback—either anonymously or with the expectation of a response.