Protecting Communities

Protecting Communities Protecting Communities

In this second LIVEGIVEmidsouth Nonprofit Spotlight, we lift up local organizations that are working in violence prevention and services to victims of crime. Our donors, like many Memphians, are scared and outraged by our city’s chronic crime, but also motivated to help create a safer community. Investment in the nonprofits on the ground, working with youth in at-risk environments and victims of violence, is one way to be part of healing and hope.

The members of GiVE 365, the Community Foundation’s dollar-a-day giving circle, were likewise concerned about an uptick in crime in a city that had a record number of killings in 2021. Knowing that the reasons for violent crime and the reasons for deeply-entrenched systemic poverty often go hand-in-hand, GiVErs chose to direct $60,800 in funding this year to advance the theme, Protecting Communities: projects/programs that address exposure to the trauma of violence or engage the community in violence reduction efforts.

We encourage you to watch a recent thought-provoking panel conversation that GiVE 365 hosted on this theme. It includes knowledgeable local experts weighing in on the impact of trauma on our community and how to help.

Click below to view information on the 2022 grantees researched and selected by GiVE 365. Explore profiles that include information about agencies' mission, staff and board, major programs, and finances. You can donate to the organizations directly from their profiles.

    901 BLOC Squad

    The mission of 901 BLOC Squad is to reduce gun violence in the City of Memphis by equipping, empowering, and bridging the gaps of at-risk youth and their families. 901 BLOC Squad does this through community mobilization events and one-to-one mentoring with youth and their families. Communicating the message of peace is our overall goal.

    Advocates for Immigrant Rights

    AIR's Community Access and Integration Program is a social service program that supports participating clients. AIR recognizes that for its clients, legal representation is often the first step to leading a safer, more secure life. The agency also believe that access to social service support—including healthcare, sexual and domestic abuse services, and G.E.D. and adult education courses—equally contributes to clients’ overall well-being.

    Carpenter Art Garden

    CAG is a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with the children of Binghampton to promote each one's creativity and self-worth through exposure to artistic, educational, and vocational programs. CAG's programming galvanizes community transformation and provides tools for education, healthy living (physical and mental), community building, employment, and leadership. CAG's developed programs are designed to address critical issues facing the neighborhood.


    CasaLuz serves Hispanic/Latinx victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other violent crimes. Its aim is to empower underserved victims of these crimes to become survivors by providing mental health services to them and their children. Using a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach, bilingual/bicultural counselors offer individual counseling and support groups to help improve clients' quality of life and break the cycle of violence within families.

    The Gentlemen's League

    The Gentlemen's League's mission is to intervene in the lives of at-risk boys to provide them with alternatives that will lead them away from a life of crime and violence and lead them to a life of achievement. The agency's mission is to educate, empower, and enrich its males. The Gentlemen's League's vision is to instill in the youth of Shelby County Schools the values of mainstream America, while respecting the existing values of the individual.

    Love Doesn't Hurt

    Love Doesn't Hurt's Emergency Services program takes a holistic approach in bringing resources to victims of crime in the LGBTQ+ community. It provides crisis intervention, complemented with educational sessions with community partners, to clients to build resiliency and regain stability after victimization. The agency provides case management that is customized for the individual needs of each client and addresses barriers that the LGBTQ+ community faces.

    Memphis Rox

    Memphis Rox's Free After Three - After School Rox is an after-school program targeted to youth aged 12-17 that follows a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) curriculum that pairs climbing with one of the five academic disciplines to provide youth within the Soulsville community it serves the opportunity to learn while being active, gain mentorship from our professional staff, and have a safe space where they can flourish—all at no-cost to the parents, guardians, or youth.

    Thistle & Bee Enterprises

    Thistle and Bee offers a two-year trauma focused residential program, "The Hive," designed to address the needs of women escaping sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction while living in a home setting where they have daily opportunities to practice community living as they heal from histories of physical, emotional, and sexual trauma. All women receive medical, mental, and dental treatments needed. They may pursue education and participate in job skills training and offered employment.