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Sonia Walker: Leaving a Community Legacy

(Feb. 16, 2023) At 85 years old, Associate Pastor Sonia Walker just retired from First Congregational Church. A beloved local spiritual leader, she came to ministry after a varied career as a teacher, a social worker, and media personality. She was also the wife of the late Walter Walker, president of LeMoyne-Owen College. Hers has been a life of service, both professionally and through community involvement. And, when it came time to think about her legacy, she thought of this community.

Through the Sonia Louden Walker and Walter L. Walker Legacy Fund at the Community Foundation, she has invited other people to join her in supporting the FOREVER Funds, the foundation’s community-voiced, community-centered grantmaking. She established fund knowing there would be enthusiastic participation from friends and family at her retirement.

And she lives the lesson that, when thinking about leaving a legacy, you don’t have to go it alone. There are ways to invite others in and create a collective impact, even in perpetuity, through values-based community investment.

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