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An Opportunity for Expansion to Serve Veterans

(Apr. 27, 2023) While we often think of those who served our country on Memorial Day or Veterans Day, there are opportunities to uplift and support our veterans year-round. And living where we do makes that so much more compelling. Over 8% of Tennessee’s adult population are U.S. military veterans. 7% of Tennessee’s veterans live in poverty, 26% have a service-connected disability, and approximately 570 of the state’s veterans are homeless.

Memphis-based nonprofit Alpha Omega Veterans Services serves nearly one-fifth that population. Since 1987, Alpha Omega has specialized in providing housing and supportive services—including counseling and job training—to homeless and disabled veterans with a goal of fully reintegrating them with family and community.

It has an incredibly exciting project on the horizon, one that needs community support. Operation Home for Heroes will transform the former Marine Corps Reserve Center on Jackson Avenue into its new headquarters. The property will allow Alpha Omega to expand in powerful ways—including a full gymnasium, art and music rooms, additional urban farm capacity, and triple the transitional housing it has available.

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