Phase 2 Grants Phase 2 Grants


As the longer-term consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak have spread throughout our region, its economic impact is being particularly hard felt by nonprofits. Many are having to exponentially increase services while dealing with unexpected, significant decreases of projected revenue. These nonprofits have also had to adapt their business models, programming, and other services in accordance with public health recommendations. Knowing entrenched disparities were present long before the outbreak, we wish to strengthen the organizations that are dedicated to lessening the burden of those inequalities.

In its second phase of funding, running July to September 2020, the Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund is awarding grants to stabilize nonprofit organizations that are directly responding to the significant consequences of, and disparities exacerbated by, this public health crisis.

Phase 2 funding is allocated across four categories. Mid-South nonprofits can apply for grant funding in the final two categories. Click the plus signs at right to see grant details below, or click here to learn more about the Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund.  


Capacity Building Support

Direct allocations were made to two organizations that provide capacity-building support for nonprofit development and advocacy. As generous as our community has been, it is impossible to support all the agencies that have suffered as a result of the outbreak with individual grants. We believe funding the following two backbone agencies provides a wider safety net and is of the utmost importance for the forward progress of the Mid-South nonprofit sector. 

  • Momentum Nonprofit Partners ($200,000) - Momentum's mission is to build the momentum of the nonprofit sector to drive equitable, measurable, and lasting change. Grant funding will be operating support for professional development and public policy work needed to further strengthen and equip the nonprofit sector to effectively serve our community. Becoming a member of Momentum is free and open to Mid-South nonprofits (board, staff, and volunteers), as well as those organizations seeking nonprofit status. If you are not already a member, click here to learn more and access benefits. 
  • ArtsMemphis ($200,000)ArtsMemphis works to sustain Memphis’s world-renowned cultural vitality and strengthen local communities through the arts. This grant will support efforts to reopen, strengthen, and sustain the world-renowned arts and culture sector of our community, which has suffered severe revenue losses due to closures and cancellations of arts experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak. Grant funding will be redirected by ArtsMemphis to provide unrestricted support to a variety of Mid-South arts nonprofits. In addition to their important cultural contributions, the organizations under consideration to receive funding collectively serve 2.6 million participants, engage over 11,000 artists in paid opportunities averaging $41.71 per hour, and employ over 1,400 staff members.

Continuity of Learning Support

This allocation provides support to Shelby County Schools so that it is able to smoothly and continuously provide educational services to public school students:

  • Shelby County Schools ($120,000)Shelby County Schools is facing the unprecedented task of equipping its entire student population with at-home, digital technology while reconfiguring its curriculum to accommodate both in-classroom and remote learning. Grant funding will be provided to Shelby County Schools to support professional development for teachers to support their transition into remote and hybrid teaching, and to create a high-quality and sustainable family and community engagement plan that ensures the parents, family members, and nonprofits supporting these students during their at-home learning are equipped with the information that they need to do so effectively.

Direct Service Operational Support

Nonprofits seeking to strengthen or rebuild their infrastructure, with a focus on grassroots organizations, can apply for sponsored participation in three programs. These programs are direct service support for fundraising, human resources, and risk management, each identified as an area of critical need amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Click the button below to learn more about eligibility and how to apply.

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Operating Support

Nonprofits who are directly responding to the target populations most impacted by the consequences of this outbreak may apply for operating support grants up to $50,000. Click the button below to learn more about eligibility and how to apply.

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