Phase 1 Grants Phase 1 Grants

Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund

In Phase 1, which ran from March to June 2020, the Fund deployed $2,406,500 to 91 organizations on the front lines of the pandemic to help neighbors in need—organized into nine priority populations—through weekly, rapid-relief grants. Forty-five percent of funded agencies are led by executive directors/CEOs of color.

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The elderly and other high-risk populations who are experiencing a COVID-19 impact, whether they are living at home or in group settings

Low-income families experiencing short-term financial crises related to COVID-19

Residents who are food insecure

Residents who are housing insecure

Residents who have no medical insurance or who are underinsured

Residents who will experience a loss in household income due to interruptions in work and lack access to sick days

Residents who are quarantined, either voluntarily or by the directive of a medical professional or the Shelby County Health Department, and who may not have sufficient support from their families and friends

Residents who face extraordinary childcare challenges as a result of school or daycare closures

Immigrants and Communities of Color