Memphis Teacher Residency

Quality Education - Unfunded Finalist

Memphis Teacher Residency's mission is to partner to provide students in Memphis neighborhoods with the same, or better, quality of education as is available to any student in Memphis by recruiting, training, and supporting effective teachers within a Christian context. The organization works toward educational equity by strategically placing its program graduates in the six Memphis communities of Alcy Ball, Binghampton, Frayser, Graham Heights, Mitchell Heights, and Orange Mound. By providing an infusion of high-potential teachers to under-resourced neighborhoods and by concentrating those teachers in these six communities, Memphis Teacher Residency aims to increase the likelihood of Memphis students to receive a quality education year after year with a compounding, long-term impact.

The organization’s residency model of teacher training is modeled after medical residencies; teaching, like the medical profession, is a field in which the stakes are too high for on-the-job training, particularly for teachers aspiring to teach in communities in which students are, on average, many grade levels behind. There is evidence that Memphis Teacher Residency’s residency program and supports are creating teachers that are capable of system-wide change, and a recent evaluation shows that its beginning teachers are more effective than their counterparts. Increasing the number of teachers the organization trains annually will increase the number of high-potential teachers in the six communities in which Memphis Teacher Residency operates, leading to steady academic growth. With additional funding, the organization aims to grow the number of program residents by five to ten per year until reaching its capacity of 100 residents. 

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