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The Community Foundation offers nonprofit organizations in the Mid-South an opportunity to invest alongside the Foundation’s other assets in its diversified family of investment pools. Join the 80+ nonprofits that entrust the Community Foundation with the management their reserve, capital, or endowment funds. The result is the best possible investment solution for an agency's long-term financial assets.

Email Director Development Caroline Kuebler or call her at (901) 722-0036 to learn more. Click the video below to hear from agencies who invest through Nonprofit Funds.

Nonprofit funds

Nonprofits can choose the Community Foundation to manage their reserve, capital, or endowment funds. Benefits include:

  • Our long-term track record of investment returns,
  • Outstanding diversification and risk mitigation in our investment portfolios,
  • The expert advice of Prime Buchholz, our investment consultants,
  • The flexibility to move between investment options quickly and at no additional cost, and
  • Low fees, which are less than those typically available for comparable services.

The minimum amount to open a new nonprofit fund is $25,000. Nonprofits may access any or all of their funds at any time. There is never any penalty for liquidity. All agencies have access to their fund information online. Nonprofit partners may also change investment pools at the end of any month.  

Agency donors may contribute directly to their fund in a variety of forms, including publicly traded or privately held stock, real estate, life insurance, retirement plans, and charitable remainder trusts.

Project Funds

Project funds are established for short-term use by organizations involved in collaborative efforts or by state-chartered nonprofits waiting for the Internal Revenue Service to approve 501(c)(3) status.