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The Power of Planned Giving

(May 12, 2022) Have you ever thought about the philanthropic legacy you’d like to leave? And, have you made the proper plans to ensure the organizations and causes you care about can benefit when you’re gone?

This week, the Community Foundation co-hosted a seminar featuring national expert Eddie Thompson, who specializes in a values-based approach to estate planning. He shared some real advantages to making planned gifts. They include:

  1. An opportunity to support the organizations you care about even after you’re gone. Their good work will continue—so make sure your funding does too.
  2. The ability for significant giving. You can often leave more to nonprofits after your death than you can give from your annual discretionary income during your lifetime.
  3. Making an estate give can reduce your tax burden. Wouldn’t it be more gratifying to see some of your estate go to charity than to taxes?
  4. It’s a way to leave your mark. You can create a legacy that shows your heirs and the community your values, and lets others benefit from them.

For more information about approaches to planned giving, talk with a professional advisor such as a wealth manager, CPA, or estate attorney.