Reflecting on Inherited Values at Father’s Day Greater Giving Moment

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Reflecting on Inherited Values at Father’s Day


(June 9, 2022) Father’s Day is this month, and we recognize the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and all the men in our lives who have been our role models or mentors. Have you thought about what you’ve learned from the father figures in your life, or what you care about today because of them? We encourage you to consider their legacies—and how you show those shared values through your giving.

Here are four ways to honor them:

  • Make a point to ask questions and gather information about your family heritage and stories. This could include asking things like who taught him about giving, or what life experiences shaped his philanthropy?
  • Explore your shared values and what’s important to your family. A question here might be what are the values that motivated him to be philanthropic?
  • Talk about the type of philanthropic impact your family wants to make. You could ask what he would like his charitable legacy to be.
  • Last, thank your father, grandfather, or mentor for passing on his legacy to you.