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Generosity Coaching

(Feb. 10, 2022) Do you want to inspire the children in your life to become passionate, engaged givers? We recently sat down with Susan Crites Price, a nationally-recognized family philanthropy expert. She gave these easy tips:

Start them young. Even small children can volunteer with your family.

Talk to your kids about your own giving, whether that’s your money or time. Tell them what causes are important to you and why.

Share family stories. People who know their family’s history are likelier to give.

Help kids find their passion. Maybe that’s other people, animals, or the environment.

Offer to match their donations. This gives motivation and helps their generosity stretch further.

Encourage them to do service activities in the real world, not just digitally.

Have a “dinner table foundation.” Bring to the table, with your kids, an amount you’ll give away. Explore nonprofits and decide together where you’ll donate the money. Kids feel special when they give with their parents and learn the valuable lesson that “the best things in life are not things.”