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Celebrating Mother’s Day by Supporting Women

(May 5, 2022) Mother’s Day is this week! As you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mom, consider local social enterprises that produce high-quality goods while creating opportunities for women.

Perhaps you’ve seen Thistle and Bee honey, granola, and more products in shops and farmers’ markets throughout the Memphis area. Did you realize that those products are produced by female survivors of addiction, sex trafficking, and prostitution? Thistle and Bee Enterprises offers a two-year residential program where survivors can heal. They also learn to make products or take care of bees, earning a living while building marketable skills to help start a new chapter.

My Cup of Tea is a nonprofit, social enterprise located in the heart of Orange Mound. Neighborhood women package teas from around the world into special blends, offering a delicious array in addition to tea cozies, aprons, and other products. My Cup of Tea provides meaningful employment and builds job skills in a supportive environment, helping guide women out of poverty.

To shop Thisle and Bee's online store, click here.
To shop My Cup of Tea's online store or to see a list of local retailers, click here.