Community Partnership Fund

The Community Partnership Fund is for donors who want to pool their dollars to make our community more vibrant and nonprofits stronger. While several Community Partnership Fund donors have donor-advised funds with us, anyone can make a contribution.

As a Community Partnership Fund donor, you can maximize your giving and take advantage of our staff and volunteer grant committees' insight into community needs and deep knowledge of the nonprofits addressing them.

Donors to the Community Partnership Fund are passionate about seeing Memphis thrive in new and innovative ways, as well as supporting the organizations that have made the Mid-South what it is today. In FY 2018, the Community Partnership Fund distributed $974,484 to area nonprofits through 37 grants. Click here for a complete list of 2018 grant awards.

The fund is essential to the continued growth of the Mid-South by:

  • Building capacity of established nonprofits that are working to become more effective organizations,

  • Supporting innovative projects of broad significance and long-term benefit in which donors may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate,

  • Providing unrestricted operating support to agencies whose work directly supports other nonprofits' growth and strategic development.

There is no minimum contribution to ensure your community receives the maximum benefit from our pooled giving. Your gift helps us achive our mission of strengthening our community through philanthropy. Give today!

Beyond the Classroom

In fall 2016, the Community Foundation’s grant committee announced it would spend $300,000 annually for three years - with those dollars coming from the Community Partnership Fund - on strengthening organizations serving K-12 students in Memphis during their out-of-school time. The Foundation is partnering with Seeding Success, which provides backbone support to enhance the alignment and effectiveness of youth-serving organizations. Together, we are helping build organizational capacity and measurably improve student outcomes by targeting quality afterschool and summer learning.

To learn more about this work and support the Beyond the Classroom initiative, click here.

MLK50: The Next Step Forward

As our community continues to reflect on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Community Foundation honors the legacy of Dr. King and the work he pursued here in Memphis in 1968 by launching the MLK50: The Next Step Forward grant program, designed to seek answers to the question asked of all of us on April 4: Where do we go from here?

Dr. King collaborated with others to coordinate his social justice work during the Civil Rights Movement and focused his work around six pillars, as laid out by the National Civil Rights Museum. They are Poverty, Better Jobs – Higher Wages, Decent Housing, Quality Education, Justice, and Peace.

In September 2018, the Community Foundation awarded one $25,000 grant in each of these six categories, for a total of $150,000, to agencies that are working in those areas to change the path forward for Mid-Southerners. Our volunteer committee sought proposals that build on Dr. King’s platform to effect real and systemic change – funding programs that have shown promise and progress in one of these areas or that present innovative, newer ideas. 

To learn more about this work and support the MLK50: The Next Step Forward initiative, click here.