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Sustain the funds already established at the Community Foundation with the goal of making our community and the organizations that serve it stronger. Questions? Email Donor Services Officer Amy Beth Dudley or call her at (901) 722-0038. 

To make an honorarium or memorial gift, please click below. The donation form will allow you to enter any details including the name of the honoree and any individuals to whom we should acknowledge the gift.

The operation of funds and the awarding of grants are subject to the terms of the respective fund agreements. Grant recipients and amounts are subject to the approval of the Board of Governors of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis based on the recommendations of the fund advisor(s) of each fund, as applicable. 

    Honoraria & Memorials

    To make an honorarium or memorial gift, please click below. The donation form will allow you to enter any details including the name of the honoree and any individuals to whom we should acknowledge the gift.

    FOREVER Fund Endowment

    Donate to the permanent endowment that fuels the community investment of the Community Foundation in perpetuity and ensure strategic, responsive grantmaking now and for generations to come.

    FOREVER Fund | This Year's Grants

    When you support this year's grantmaking, the Community Foundation leverages your contribution to directly and responsively meet our region's greatest needs now, through grantmaking that is informed and vigilant.

    Collierville Community Fund

    The Collierville Community Fund is an endowment created and maintained by and for the people of Collierville. It makes grants to Collierville nonprofits that have included the Collierville Literacy Council, Page Robbins Adult Day Care Center, and the New Day Children's Theatre.

    West Cancer Fund for Research, Education, and Community Outreach

    For more than 40 years, the West name has been synonymous with compassionate cancer care and innovative research. West Cancer Foundation is taking the next step in fighting cancer by investing in research and education, supporting cancer patients, and promoting the overall health of our community.

    Welcome to Memphis COVID-19 Fund

    This fund disseminates financial assistance to hourly workers in the hospitality industry who have been terminated or furloughed due to COVID-19. To apply for emergency funding, visit To give to support our restaurant and hospitality workers, click below.

    The Daily Memphian Journalism Fund

    Donations to the fund will be used exclusively to support the mission of The Daily Memphian, a primary media source for intelligent, in-depth journalism that serves civically engaged citizens in Memphis.

    The Lynching Sites Project Fund

    This fund supports the work of The Lynching Sites Project - a group of Memphians who want to find and memorialize the lynching sites in Shelby County and the surrounding area.

    cityCURRENT Fund

    This fund provides an opportunity for companies or individuals to support the work of cityCURRENT, with 100% of contributions going directly to local nonprofits.

    Don Poier Memorial Scholarship

    This fund supports a scholarship, established in memory of legendary Memphis Grizzlies broacdcaster Don Poier, that assists well-rounded, Shelby County public high school students who demonstrate strong character and are actively involved in school and the community.

    Charles E. Howard Memorial Scholarship Fund

    This fund supports a scholarship, established in memory of Charles E. Howard, that provides educational assistance to African-American males who wish to pursue a vocational or technical career.

    Protect Our Aquifer Fund

    This fund supports the work of the citizen group Protect Our Aquifer, which exists in part to support the legal defense of the Sierra Club's appeal of TVA's new well permits and its plans to use drinking water to cool the new Allen Combined Cycle Natural Gas Plant.

    Jewish Neighborhood House Endowment Fund

    The Jewish Neighborhood House Endowment Fund benefits the Memphis Jewish Home and Temple Israel for its cemetery fund and the Temple Israel Museum.

    Philanthropic Black Women of Memphis

    This fund supports projects that focus on education, scholarship, career development, entrepreneurship, and health. Grant awards are determined by the group of nine African-American businesswomen who established the fund.

    Theodora Trezevant Neely Special Endowment Fund

    The Theodora Trezevant Neely Fund provides "dig in the dirt" summer camp experiences for needy children in Memphis and Shelby County. Grants are made to nonprofit organizations including the Boy Scouts of America, Chickasaw Council and Boys & Girls Clubs; grants are not available to individuals.

    Beyond the Classroom Fund

    This fund supports the Community Foundation's Beyond the Classroom initiative, an unprecedented investment in high-quality afterschool and summer programs that enhance and sustain academic gains for Memphis children.

    GiVE 365 Endowment Fund

    GiVE 365 brings together individuals and families who contribute at least $365 a year. Members decide collectively which nonprofits will receive funds. Half of the money is distributed each year, with the remaining half going to an endowment. The GiVE 365 Endowment Fund guarantees future support for organizations working every day to make the greater Memphis community better.