Fund Agreements

Fund Agreements Fund Agreements

Helping your client open a fund at the Community Foundation is simple. Below are sample fund agreements corresponding to fund types we offer. Email Director of Development Caroline Kuebler or call her at (901) 722-0036 to learn more.

  • Donor-advised fund agreement. Donor-advised funds provide donors with flexibility to make gifts to their fund and grants to nonprofits on their own schedule. 
  • Scholarship fund agreement. Scholarship funds help students pursue higher education.
  • Donor-designated fund agreement. Designated funds are the choice for donors who want to support one or more specific nonprofit organizations in perpetuity or for a specified period of time.
  • Field of interest fund agreement. These funds are ideal for donors who want to support an area of special interest, such as education, the arts, health, the environment, or a particular community. 
  • Nonprofit fund agreement. These funds are established by the boards of nonprofit organizations to support the agencies' work and to take advantage of the Foundation's services.
  • Community endowment fund agreement. These are the choice of donors who want their gifts to address the community's changing needs for generations to come. When you create a community endowment - or give to an existing one - you are assured that your gift will be available for grants, special projects, and future needs that may not even be anticipated today.  
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