What kind of philanthropist are you?

Anyone can be a philanthropist. And, when you choose the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis as your charitable partner, you see your dollars go further. Perhaps you desire the flexibility and convenience of a donor-advised fund, our most popular way to invest. Or, maybe you want to pool your money with others' in order to amplify the impact of your giving. Whichever way you choose, you can take pride in knowing you're building a stronger community, improving the lives of others, and showing the world how empowering the possibilities of philanthropy can be.

If you're ready to become a philanthropist, email Director of Development Caroline Kuebler or call her at (901) 722-0036.

Give now

Donor-advised funds offer flexibility and convenience in that they allow you to decide when to make grants and to which organizations. You always, however, receive the maximum tax benefit in the year you make the gift to your fund. The minimum to open a donor-advised fund is $10,000. Learn more about opening a donor-advised fund.

Establish a scholarship and provide a permanent source of aid for students at a particular school or course of study. You may give to an existing fund or open one with a minimum $25,000 contribution. Learn more about creating a new scholarship fund.

Supporting organizations provide an excellent alternative to a private foundation for donors with charitable assets of $2 million or more by maintaining preferential tax benefits afforded community foundations while operating as a separate legal entity with your own board.

Community endowments allow you to convert an existing advised fund or contribute to an endowment fund that supports the work and grant making of the Foundation.

WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth.org is a directory of nonprofit organizations that have created profiles with information on their mission, staff, major programs, and finances. Visitors can search for organizations that are working on issues important to them, and immediately make financial contributions of any size to those organizations. Visit the Community Foundation's profile.

Give later

Donor-advised funds, as mentioned above, allow you to make a gift at your convenience and make a grant at a later time.

Endowment Circle donors ensure the stability of the Community Foundation with their gifts of at least $10,000. Learn more.

Planned giving helps you ensure the causes you value are cared for long into the future. We welcome the opportunity to work with your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Give together

Community Partnership Fund donors allow their unrestricted gifts to be used to address the community's highest priorities or immediate needs that cannot be anticipated today. Learn more.

GiVE 365 donors pool their time, talent, and treasures to support the nonprofits they choose, based on an annual theme. Learn more.

Give to a cause

Field of interest funds are ideal for supporting the areas you cherish, such as education, the arts, the environment, or even a geographic area. Our knowledgable staff can pair you with the perfect causes or you may start a fund with a minimum gift of $100,000.

Donor-designated funds help you support specific nonprofit organizations for a fixed number of years or even in perpetuity with a minimum gift of $10,000.

Nonprofit organization funds are initiated by the boards of nonprofit organizations to support their work, with a minimum opening balance of $25,000.