Becoming a donor

The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis can help you and your professional advisors devise a customized philanthropic plan to achieve your goals. We encourage you to make gifts in a way that provides the maximum tax benefit while realizing your charitable wishes.

You can call on the Community Foundation’s seasoned staff for our broad knowledge of nonprofits and community programs in areas such as literacy and education, health and human services, community economic development, the environment, and the arts.

What you can expect

The Community Foundation provides donors with professional grant and gift guidance, as well as prudent investment services. We also help donors become effective philanthropists.

As part of our donor services, we commit to:

  • Providing accurate and timely information about gifts made to the Community Foundation and about your grants
  • Responding to inquiries and correspondence promptly
  • Maintaining an investment program that preserves and enhances the real value of the funds over time
  • Understanding and communicating the needs of the region we serve
  • Offering donors opportunities to learn more about important community topics and the institutions on the front lines of change

If you're ready to become a philanthropist, email Director of Development Caroline Kuebler or call her at (901) 722-0036.