Donor Perception Report

This spring, the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis asked our donors to respond to a perception survey conducted by The Center for Effective Philanthropy. Our goals were to better understand how you, our donors, feel about your relationship with the Community Foundation, to understand what you want that relationship to look like in the years to come, and to discover your suggestions for improving our services.

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) is a nonprofit organization based in Boston and San Francisco that has been conducting these surveys, and performing other research on the effectiveness of foundations, for more than 15 years.

CEP’s surveys are unique because results are put in a comparative context, allowing foundations to benchmark their performance against others. Not only were we able to compare your thoughts and feelings to the donors of the 60 other community foundations across the country who have taken this survey, but we were also able to build out a custom cohort in order to provide a deeper comparison with nine community foundations similar to the Community Foundation in assets and grantmaking. We think this comparative data, in addition to your feedback, will provide us with the insight we need to serve you better.

When we asked you to take the survey, either online or with a paper survey received through the U.S. Mail, over 32 percent of you responded. CEP’s normal response rate is around 26 percent, so we want to thank you for your engagement in this process. As you will see in the results, your confidence in us is extremely high, and that is demonstrated in your willingness to participate in this survey. We cannot improve without your feedback, and we appreciate your taking the time to participate.

We are eager to share the results of this survey with you, and lay out our next steps. Access the report for donor, full survey results, and CEP’s complete recommendations by flipping through the PDFs below.

Complete Report

Key Findings and Recommendations