FOREVER Funds Donors FOREVER Funds Donors

Founding Community Partners

Founding Community Partners are historic donors to the Community Partnership Fund, the forerunner to the FOREVER Funds

Anonymous Fund #1315
Mr. and Mrs. Sudhir K. Agrawal
Sudhir K. and Archana Agrawal Fund
Walter P. Armstrong Jr. Fund
Rob and Vicki Baird Fund
Carol and Bert Barnett Fund
Carol and Bert Barnett Endowment Fund
Jack R. and Kathleen D. Blair Fund
Wight and Thomas Boggs Community Fund
Myriam Robinson Bowen Fund
Breazeale Family Fund
J. Richard and Carole M. Briscoe Fund
Mary and Maury Bronstein Advised Fund
Michael and Emily Browne Fund
Dee Dee and Larry Bryan Charitable Fund
Kenneth L. Burnett Scholarship Fund
Mr. G. Rice Byars, Jr.
Campbell Family Fund
Ms. Gale Jones Carson
George and Bena Cates Special Fund
CFGM Honorary Trustees Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall A. Clark and Family Fund
John and Louise Collier Fund
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Employees Endowment Fund
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Unrestricted Endowment Fund
Katherine Gilliland Connell Advised Fund
Meg and Scott Crosby Charitable Giving Fund
DelBrocco Family Fund
Delta Asset Management, LLC
Doug and Kristen Duncan Fund
Ms. V. Lynn Evans, CPA
John and Barbara Fockler Endowed Legacy Fund
Fockler Family Fund
United Way of the Mid-South for Robert M. Fockler
Foster Family Fund
Fraser Family Fund
James L. Fri, Jr. and Ellida Sadler Fri Community Partnership Fund Endowment
Ms. Katina H. Gaines
Charles and Meg Gerber Fund
Daniel L. and Dorothy K. Gerwin Fund
Gilliland Family Fund, Inc.
Kathy and J.W. Gibson Charitable Fund
E.J. Goldsmith, Jr. Fund
Golightly Foundation Fund
Molly and Robert Gooch Fund
Benjamin Goodman Fund
Martha S. and Jerrold J. Graber Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold J. Graber
Enid B. and George M. Griesbeck Fund
Vicki Grimes Memorial Fund
David Grossman Fund
Merle J. and Leola N. Hansen Endowment Fund
Lee Hardin Memorial Fund
Harriman Family Fund
O.B. Harrington Charitable Fund
Dr. Alisa Haushalter and Mr. David Mills
Healy Charitable Fund
Ms. Linda Hendershot
HighTower Holding, LLC
Carol B. Hinchin Fund
J.R. Hyde III Family Foundation
Robert and Patrice James Advised Fund
Linda S. Kaplan Honorary Trustee Fund
Greenview Fund
George and Barbara Lapides Fund
Mrs. Barbara A. Lapides
Georgia and James W. Lawson Endowment Fund
Scott P. Ledbetter Advised Fund
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lee
Mr. Steven H. Leib
Hoke and Mary Leigh Charitable Trust
Dr. and Mrs. E. Charles Leonard
Mary and Bob Loeb Fund
Ms. Yvonne S. Madlock
Mr. and Mrs. Myron M. Mall
Sylvia Goldsmith Marks Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Fund
Sylvia Goldsmith Marks Fund
Memphis-Plough Unrestricted Endowment Fund
O.H. Miller, Jr. Advised Fund
Duncan L. and Julie K. Miller Fund
Lila Manning Miller Memorial Fund
Ms. B. Sutton Mora
Jacqueline L. Nesbit Charitable Fund
Ms. Jacqueline L. Nesbit
Margaret and Lytle Nichol Fund
Max B. Ostner Sr. Endowment Fund
Pam and Ben Peternell Fund
Clifton and Debbie Phillips Fund
Moses and Julia Plough Endowment Fund
NeNe and Hooray Fund
Prentiss Foundation Fund
Wayne and Betty Pyeatt Endowment Fund
Phyllis Pyeatt Charitable Fund
Mr. Wayne W. Pyeatt
Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Quinlen Advised Fund
Quinn Family Fund
William and Evelyn Reed Special Fund
Andrea L. Reynolds Fund
Linda and Herbert Rhea Donor Advised Fund
Mrs. Angela D. Richards and Mr. Andre J. Ross
Ring Container Technologies Charitable Fund
Anna and Gwin Robbins Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Robinson
Jocelyn P. and William B. Rudner Advised Fund
Sachs/Vidulich Fund
Soji Fund
John P. and Estelle K. Sheahan Fund
Mrs. John P. Sheahan
Gid Smith Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smithwick III
Mrs. Anne Stokes
Priscilla M. & Paulo L. Teixeira Foundation Fund
Dr. Linda L. Tharp
N. Gordon and Jan P. Thompson Fund
Mr. and Mrs. N. Gordon Thompson
Turley Endowment Fund
Turner Family Endowment Fund
Michael D. and Andrea L. Uiberall Fund
Clinton Vaughn Jr. and Lashell McCullough-Vaughn Fund
Vining Family Fund
Lee and Nancy Wakeman Fund
Lee and Nancy Wakeman Community Partnership Fund Endowment
Ms. Regina D. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Warren
Ms. Melissa Whitby
H. Jack and Suzanne Williams Family Fund
Ms. Vanessa Williams
William C. Wilson Fund
Molly and Hunter Witherington Fund
Jim and Libby Witherington Fund
United Way of the Mid-South for James A. Wright
Mary H. and Charles L. Wurtzburger Endowment Fund


Additional FY 21 Donors

AmazonSmile Foundation
Laurie Babb 
Sara Babb 
Benevity Community Impact Fund of the American Online Giving Foundation
Ms. Amy Beth Dudley 
Stephen and Stacy Franklin
Bob Friedstand 
 Taylor Hixson
Steve Masler 
Anna McCabe Schuler
Mr. and Mrs. Damian J. McKelton
Ms. Dorothy J. McRae 
Mr. and Mrs. Andre C. Wharton
Betsy Warren Wilson, Attorney at Law
Ms. Tracy Wiswall