Phase 3 Grants Phase 3 Grants

Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund

In Phase 3, which runs throughout 2021, the Fund will deploy approximately $9,100,000 for resilience efforts. To date, the fund has awarded $3,827,100 of that total this year.

The Fund's Advisory Committee conducted a survey in December 2020 that asked our nonprofit partners both what challenges they were facing AND what challenges their clients were facing. Several themes emerged from the survey results, and those are the areas that Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund will focus on its funding on in 2021. The Advisory Committee continues to work with nonprofit and government partners to develop the right programs to address issues identified in our nonprofit survey and research. We will will continue to announce grant awards and programs throughout the next several months. Click the plus signs at right to see grant details for categories we have publicly announced, below

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Click here to see Phase 1 grants or click here to see Phase 2 grants. Click here to learn more about the Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund.  

Click the plus signs at right to see grant details for categories we have publicly announced, below.  

Operating Support

The Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund supports nonprofits that are directly responding to the target populations most impacted by the consequences of this outbreak with general operating dollars. 

In March 2021, the fund announced grants totaling $1,695,600 to 46 small- to mid-size nonprofits with operating budgets of $1 million or less. Fifty-two percent of funded agencies are led executive directors/CEOs of color.

A second, $2 million operating support grant round is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2021. Details about this grant round will be announced at a later date. 

Supporting Small Businesses

River City Capital Investment Corp. (Feb. 24, 2021): $750,000 for small businesses through the community development financial institution’s COVID-19 Care Business Grant program. Businesses can apply for $20,000 in grant support—which, unlike loans, do not require repayment. Preference will be given to businesses owned by people of color and to restaurants.

(Apr. 30) UPDATE: In just seven weeks, River City Capital identified and allocated $1.6 million in relief funds to 79 small black-owned businesses and/or businesses located in low-to-moderate income communities of color in rebounding from the prolonged negative impact of the pandemic. Learn more.
River City Capital Investment Corp. (Jul. 12, 2021): $400,000 for small businesses through the community development financial institution’s COVID-19 Care Business Grant program. 

Protecting Homeownership

United Housing, Inc. (Mar. 3, 2021) $500,000 for foreclosure prevention services, mortgage assistance, and administrative funds to help individuals facing foreclosure because of a pandemic-related hardship. Click here for application details.

Providing Support to Families

Kindred Place (Jul 12, 2021) - $150,000 to provide continued support services to parents through the Universal Parenting Places.

Vaccine Education

Memphis for All (Jul. 12, 2021) $96,500 for a collaborative public action campaign to help Black and Hispanic communities in Memphis and Shelby County better understand the COVID vaccine and process in order to help them make the best decision for their families and decrease barriers to accessing the vaccine.

Arts Sector Resilience

ArtsMemphis (Jul. 12, 2021): $100,000 to support individual artists of all types and fund arts organizations across disciplines within Shelby County through its Arts Recovery Fund. The Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund grant is contingent on a dollar-for-dollar match from individual donors.

Professional Development Support

Network for Good Jumpstart Program (Aug. 1, 2021): $125,000 to increase fundraising outcomes by complementing dynamic donor management software with personal coaching and professional services through an immersive, yearlong learning cohort. This opportunity was exclusively for nonprofits led by executive directors/CEOs of color.

Keeping Nonprofits Safe and Healthy

Momentum Nonprofit Partners (Sep. 7, 2021): $10,000 to purchase personal protective equipment for Mid-South nonprofits.