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The Collierville Community Fund, created by Collierville residents, awards grants to nonprofits to address community needs and improve the quality of life in Collierville. The Fund invests in activities that mobilize community assets, celebrate diversity, and increase the capacity of individuals, organizations, and institutions to build on Collierville's community strengths.  

Grants are decided by its Board of Advisors, a group of Collierville community leaders. The application process opens in April, with awards announced in August.

The 2022 Collierville Community Fund grant process is open. The deadline to submit applications is Friday, July 8.

How to Apply

The Fund's purpose is to distribute grants to organizations that strive to improve the quality of life and build upon the historic, small-town qualities of Collierville, while responding to the changing needs and strengths of the town. 

Grants are awarded annually to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations benefiting Collierville-area residents and located in Collierville, or that provide programs based in Collierville.  Activities eligible for funding include education, health, culture, the arts, human services and community development. Requests for general operating and project support will be considered. The Collierville Community Fund will not make grants to individuals. 

The Collierville Community Fund follows these grantmaking criteria:

  • Applicants should show significant investments of time and resources by the intended beneficiaries in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the proposed project;
  • Applicants should clearly identify the skills and assets of the intended beneficiaries and how those skills will be used for the proposed activity;
  • Applicants should involve other community-based organizations, citizen-led associations, or community institutions as partners in the proposed activity;
  • Applicants should indicate how the proposed activity will contribute to improving the quality of life in Collierville;
  • Applicants should develop a plan to continue the activity beyond the funding period, maintain relationships that are established in the course of work, and/or share lessons learned or information gathered with others in the community. 

Applicants must have a published profile on by the application due date in June.

The 2022 Collierville Community Fund grant process is open. The deadline to submit applications is Friday, July 8. Click here to apply

Please be aware that a final report for all grants is required. 

2021 Grant Recipients

In 2021, the Collierville Community Fund awarded $14,819 to seven organizations. Click below to see their profiles.

Books from Birth ($2,500)
Collierville Citizens Police Association ($1,300)
Collierville Education Foundation (2,500)
New Day Children's Theatre, Inc. ($3,000)
Page Robbins Adult Day Center ($2,000)
Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy ($2,250) 
Women's Advocacy Center ($1,269)

Support the Fund

Through the generosity of individuals, families, organizations, and businesses, the Collierville Communtiy Fund makes grants to organizations offering programs and services in Collierville.

Click below to donate online with a credit card. To donate by check, mark "Collierville Community Fund" in the memo line and mail to the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, 1900 Union Ave, Memphis TN 38104. To donate stock or other appreciated assets, email Director of Donor Services Amy Beth Dudley or call her at (901) 722-0038.


Leadership & History

A diverse, volunteer Board of Advisors, all of whom live in the Collierville area, is responsible for raising funds, selecting grant recipients, and advising the investment of the Fund. Board members are:

Gregory Frazier, President
Tamah Halfacre, Immediate Past President
Lynn Ward, Grant Committee Chair
Dr. Warner F. Davis
Tish Lewis
Myra McCaskill
John Masserano
Anthony Norris
Michael Sayres
Estie Sheahan
J.D. Stambaugh
Eelco vanWijk
Bob Fockler, President, Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Amy Beth Dudley,  Director of Donor Services, Community Foundation of Greater Memphis

The Collierville Community Fund was established in 1997 with an initial gift from Schilling Farms.  It was Harry Smith's intent to endow a perpetual fund that would benefit the Collierville community by awarding grants to charitable causes. His hope was that the seed he planted would grow each year to become a substantial fund, inviting new generosity as it encouraged philanthropy and opened doors to even greater opportunity in Collierville.

Since the first gift, contributors have embraced the vision of pooling resources to accomplish more together. The Fund has received gifts from individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and corporations.  As a result, the fund has awarded grants to dozens of nonprofit organizations supporting the needs of Collierville.

The Collierville Community Fund is not affiliated with the government of the Town of Collierville, the City of Memphis, or Shelby County.