Bob Fockler Sq
Robert M. Fockler

(901) 722-0045
email(rfockler [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Sutton Mora Hayes Sq
Sutton Mora Hayes

Executive Vice President &
Chief Operating Officer

(901) 722-0054
email(smorahayes [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Rosalyn Anderson Sq
Rosalyn Anderson

(901) 722-0035
email(randerson [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Marketing & Communications

Julia McDonald Sq
Julia McDonald

Vice President of Marketing & Communications
(901) 722-0056
email(jmcdonald [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Donor Services & Development

CC8 1768 Frank Horrell Sq
Frank B. Horrell, CPA, CFP®

Director of Professional Advisor Development
(901) 722-0027
email(fhorrell [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Caroline Kuebler 1121 Sq
Caroline Kuebler

Director of Development
(901) 722-0036
email(ckuebler [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Amy Beth Dudley Updated Sq
Amy Beth Dudley

Donor Services Officer
(901) 722-0038
email(adudley [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Susan Cooley Sq
Susan Cooley

Donor Grants Officer
(901) 722-0012
email(scooley [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Angela Richards Sq
Angela Richards

Donor Services Associate
(901) 722-0019
email(arichards [at] cfgm [dot] org)


Mack McCaul Sq
Mack E. McCaul, Jr.

Vice President of Finance
(901) 722-0025
email(mmccaul [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Mallory Seeker Sq
Mallory Seeker

Director of Finance
(901) 722-0023
email(mseeker [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Keesa Mitchell 2016sq
Keesa Mitchell

Senior Accountant
(901) 722-0024
email(kmitchell [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Cheryl Russellsq
Cheryl Russell

(901) 722-0017
email(crussell [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Grants & Initiatives

Elizabeth Warren Sq
Elizabeth M. Warren

Director of Grants & Initiatives
(901) 722-0022
email(ewarren [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Vanessa Langston Sq
Vanessa Langston

Grants & Initiatives Associate
(901) 722-0032
email(vlangston [at] cfgm [dot] org)

Community Information

Olivia Wilmot
Olivia Wilmot Profile Coach
(901) 722-0028
email(owilmot [at] cfgm [dot] org)