Disaster relief in Mexico and Puerto Rico

Support disaster recovery efforts in the Mexican communities affected by earthquakes and in Puerto Rico, severely damaged by hurricanes.

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Honorary Trustees

Board members who have served at least 10 years are named honorary trustees in recognition of their longtime, valued service to the Community Foundation.

Dunbar Abston, Jr.*
Sudhir K. Agrawal
Bert E. Barnett
Roy E. Bell, Jr.
Kathleen Blair
James A. Breazeale
Sandra H. Burke
Bruce E. Campbell
George E. Cates*
Kenneth F. Clark, Jr.
Hal D. Crenshaw*
Fred L. Davis
V. Lynn Evans*
Susan H. Foster
Hugh C. Fraser
Charles C. Gerber
James S. Gilliland
Robert D. Gooch, Jr.
Robert D. Gooch III
George M. Griesbeck
Ralph S. Hamilton
Robert S. Hester, Jr.
Fred D. Johnson
Mimsy Jones
Linda S. Kaplan*
John C. Kelley, Jr.
Ellen Cooper Klyce
Charles Lee
Carol C. Levy
Fred C. Lofton
Yvonne S. Madlock
Bennie L. Marshall
Allen B. Morgan, Jr.
Snow Morgan
Herman Morris, Jr.*
Olin F. Morris
D. Stephen Morrow
William L. Moss
Jacqueline L. Nesbit
W. Lytle Nichol IV
David T. Popwell
R. Michael Potter
Carol W. Prentiss
Wayne W. Pyeatt*
William Reed, Jr.*
William B. Rudner
Diane G. Sachs
Dianne A. Shockley-Mall
Gid H. Smith+
Robert Smithwick III*
Katherine Hinds Smythe
Anne H. Stokes
Bruce C. Taylor
Linda L. Tharp
Richard A. Trippeer, Jr.
John W. Ueleke*
Michael D. Uiberall
James L. Vining
Harish V. Vishria
Sonia L. Walker
Ronald A. Walter
Joy B. Wiener
Willis H. Willey
James D. Witherington, Jr.*

* Former Chairman
+ President Emeritus