Linda Jackson McNeil

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a local Memphian. I am a graduate of Melrose High School and LeMoyne-Owen College. I am the Vice President of Development for MIFA. This past November I married Lt. Major McNeil a Memphis firefighter. We both love Memphis.

Why did you join GiVE 365?

It is difficult for me to find time to volunteer as much time as I would like so, GIVE 365 is a way for me to help a number of organizations doing great work in Memphis.


If you could change one thing about Memphis?

I’d change the number of children we have living in poverty.  

What is your first memory of being involved in philanthropy?

Being a Brownie Scout was first my first memory of being actively involved in philanthropy (selling cookies and volunteering in my community). Those experiences really shaped my views on giving back.

Favorite superhero?

My mom – she is the most generous and hardest working person I know. She raised 7 children and is the best grandmother a child could ask for.

Who do you think is doing good work in Memphis?

There are so many wonderful organizations in our community doing great work.  I have had the good fortune of working for two of them. MIFA and BRIDGES are helping our community in completely different ways, but their missions are impacting the lives of our youth and seniors in a tremendous way.  They both bring the community together – MIFA by uniting the community through service and BRIDGES through youth leadership and service.   The effect of this work is huge for Memphis. It’s beautiful to watch and experience.